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Birmingham Blitz Dames - Birmingham, England's Original All Female Flat Track Roller Derby

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Busy Busy Busy

And busy is the way we like it! While our bouting team is hard at work training up to face LRG for the exciting double header on the 6th of June away in London and ARRG at home on the 2oth of June, the ranks of fresh meat are swelling and developing a passion for roller derby too. Quite right.

But focusing on our forthcoming missions and getting the noobs rolling hasn't got in the way of other important activities. Blitz Dames know how to party, and we shared this with Birmingham with our successful fundraiser Cirque du Soul Pain.

Blow Up Betty may be a growing force to be reckoned with on the track, but with a mic in her hand, she's dynamite!

The lovely Rip Lashes, Gun Bunny, Violet Attack and Mimey Vice pout and pose, welcoming our supporters, in our sponsor bar Subside. That's not fancy dress; it's normal attire for a Blitz Dame.

The night also saw the birth of our very own cocktail the intoxicating green Blitz Bomber. A fine, refreshing beverage that caused much happy carnage. There were loads of bands, brave gentlemen wowing the crowds by playing with fire, our super ref Justine Credible and her troupe belly dancing to Guns N Roses and some amazing cakes constructed by the sickeningly talented Roisin Roulette. It was a really happy event, reflecting the high morale and team spirit in the BBDD camp, showing what can happen when you get a bunch of Dames working together. If we can keep it up through June, and transfer it onto the track, that'd be good too!