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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Kate's Clothing Video

Here's the promo video taken at the Kate's Clothing party the Dames were special guests at last month... see how many roller girls you can spot skating and strutting their stuff!

...if you like the look of hanging out with the Dames, us for our Clothing, Crafts and Cales sale, this Sunday!

The Dames invade Croydon!

A last minute invite to Croydon Roller Derby's Fenris Flyer's and Brighton Rocker's Closed Mixed Scrimmage saw me (Bitter Sweet), Nina Nunchucks and Nico Warrior (and not forgetting Metal Ed!) make the traffic riddled and arduous journey down to Croydon for some real Roller Derby fun.

With Mixed teams from Croydon, Brighton, London Rockin' Rollers and of course the lovely Blitz Dames (Biased? Much!) Team Black and Team White faced off against each other! Both teams quite nervous to start with as most skaters on the teams were new to the sport but nervousness soon turned into the drive to kick some Rollergirl ass!

Team White, dubbed White Spirit (which had players like Nico Warrior, Nina Nunchucks from the Dames and Flash Bang Wallop from LRR on) took an early lead with Team Black (Dubbed the Black Pearls) failing to score for the first 3 jams. Team White 20 - Team Black 0. Ouch!

But Team Black (Consisting of players such as Bitter Sweet of the Dames, Mosquito, Liv Fast of CRD and Deadly Devito and Taco Hell of LRR) weren't gonna take it lying down! Jam 4 saw Liv Fast of the Black Pearls nabbed herself a Power Jam scoring 25 points and getting Team Black on the score board! Team White fought back but Team Black played it tactically, controlling the pack and jamming their lil hearts out! the score remained close all the way through, the lead changing many a time!

By half time Team Black had secured an uncomfortable lead! By half time the happenings of the Rollergirls had attracted the attention of the staff and users of the Leisure Centre! As the Ladies left the track they were bombarded by questions about the wonderful game!

Drinks and Fags and Tactical talk over the girls returned to the track, Team White determined to close the gap and Team Black determined to skate away with the win!!

The second half was, at times, scappy and intense with lots of penalties and lotsa points scored who came out the winner.....

The Black Pearls AKA Team Black!

Team White 63 - Team Black 79

I think all players on all teams came away from the Scrimmage with new knowledge of the game and tactics and a whole new confidence in their own abilities!

I'd just like to thank Ghouldielocks, who unfortunately couldn't skate (Next time woman *shakes fist*), for inviting the Dames to come along, for the whole of Croydon Roller Derby for setting up such an awesome Mixed Scrim and all of teams, skaters, refs and NSO's that got involved and made the day such a great success!

Bring on the next one :)

Peace out!

Bitter Sweet ♥

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Kitten Squeal blogs about the Dames mixed scrimmage

Kitten Squeal from the Milton Keynes Concrete Cows joined us for our mixed scrimmage last month as an NSO and blogged about her first experience of a mixed scrimmage.

Read all about it on her blog:
Kitten Squeal - The Birmingham Blitz Dames Mixed Scrimmage