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Monday, 31 January 2011

Full Metal Track-It Final Score....

The final score from the Blitz Dames' bout yesterday against Croydon Roller Derby....

Birmingham Blitz Dames: 115 - 81: Croydon Roller Derby

Well done to everyone who skated yesterday, huge thanks to the refs, NSOs and Croydon Roller Derby for being such fabulous hosts. It was an honour to be in your first open home bout with you!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Blitz Boobs on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies

Channel 4's medical programme Embarrassing Bodies returns tonight at 9pm. If you watch this series, you might spot a few of your favourite roller girls learning how to check their Blitz Boobies...

Back in July 2010, the Birmingham Blitz Dames were asked to appear on Embarrassing Bodies to assist in demonstrating how to do a breast check, looking for lumps or changes in tissue which could indicate breast cancer.

The producers were hoping for ‘at least six’ ladies from the team who knew each other and would be comfortable getting their boobs out in front of each other, the show’s doctor and the cameras. They came to see us skating for a typical training session at Stockland Green Leisure Centre, to get an idea of the make up of the team – they were looking for a group of women of different body shapes and ages.

In the end there were twelve Dames able to take part on the day. The filming was done in a small gallery at Compton Verney on Tuesday 27 July 2010. Everyone was a bit nervous at first, because it is a strange way to spend a morning. They were introduced to the all female team of director, doctor and camera crew, and signed some waivers saying they were happy for their breasts to be shown to the nation(!)

The breat-baring Dames were then filmed having a look round the gallery where there were photos on display showing different shapes and sizes of breasts belonging to different women, all healthy and ‘normal’ but incredibly diverse.

It was then time for the Dames to whip their tops off and stand in a semi circle while Doctor Dawn talked about how useful the programme was, and explained that they film this same segment every year with different sports teams, and every year after it airs they get calls from women who have never done breast self examination before but have done so because of the show. She’s quite sure that lives have been saved through this. This is the reason that the Blitz Dames are proud to have volunteered to take part in the show.

During the filing, the girls were assured that the camera would not focus on any one person for too long, and that generally it would be at either face or breast level, rather than showing face and breasts in the same shot. There was a discussion about bra fit and breast size and shape, how the girls felt about their boobs and generally, it was agreed that we’re all bloody gorgeous clothed or naked!

Promise Payback agreed to be the guinea pig, standing next to the doctor and demonstrating how to work around the breast, checking all of the breast tissue under the fingers and extending the examination up towards the armpit. Then everyone gave it a go, taking it in turns to look in a mirror, and nobody found anything worrying. Violet Attack volunteered for her boobs to be used as a backdrop for some facts that the production team will put up on the screen.

The following Tuesday, the camera crew joined the Blitz Dames again at the training session at Stockland Green Leisure Centre, filming the Dames in action in their natural environment, this time, with tops on ;)
The Birmingham Blitz Dames can be seen on Embarrassing Bodies on Friday 4th February 2010, 9pm on Channel 4.

For all press or media enquiries please click here. The Blitz Dames are available for interview at short notice and are happy to talk about the episode.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Luludemon Forty Four & Blitz Dames coaching session

Luludemon Forty Four, the roller girl behind the Pivotstar brand and a member of the Terminal City Rollergirls’ travel team, dropped in to coach a Thursday night practice for the Birmingham Blitz Dames on a chilly January night recently. On an extensive roller derby tour of her native UK, Luludemon’s enthusiasm for playing and coaching roller derby was still evident mid month when she reached Birmingham.
Sleazy Rider and Roisin Roulette had skated with Luludemon before, on a boot camp in Washington State in 2010, and she’s a ‘facebook friend’ of Bitter Sweet and other Dames, so it felt like having an old friend come visit.
After a lane drill warm up and stretch, we moved into the jammer skills coaching we’d asked for. Luludemon is one of those jumpy jammers with quick feet who create openings for themselves by dodging from side to side and she soon had all the Dames hopping and jumping from one foot to the other with fierce concentration. We then moved on to perfecting our cross-overs and skating form to maximise speed round the track; some of the Dames remembered working with a speed skater last year on many of the same points while there were some genuine breakthrough moments for others.
We practiced working as a blocker with the jammer to draw a wall to the inside or the outside, toe stop starts and running on toe stops; and Luludemon talked us through her tips for jammer confidence and how to take control of the jam from the starting line. Some of the Dames were entranced by Luludemon’s wise words and obvious skating skills; others were just entranced by how cute she is and how good she looks in Pivotstar shorts. There was a bit of a rush on the Pivotstar merch table after practice as a result!
So we were delighted to welcome Luludemon to our Thursday night practice, and will be repeating her drills over the next couple of Saturdays for those Dames who couldn’t make it.

~ Roisin Roulette #N17

Also, check out Luludemon's own blog about her visit to us!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bombshells vs Sirens Intraleague Bout Write-up

Bombshells v Sirens 8 January 2011.

The Birmingham Blitz Dames got 2011 off to a passionate start as the Bombshells and Sirens met on the track for their first intra-league bout of the year on Saturday 8 January 2011. Trash talking and rivalry aside, this was a first opportunity for many of the league’s rookie skaters to take to the track under bouting conditions and in all 17 skaters made their bouting debuts in front of a small but appreciative closed-door crowd.
Head Ref on the day, Metal Ed, had recruited Referees from Manchester Roller Derby and London Rockin Rollers and the home NSO crew were greatly assisted by El Toupee, Lorna, Alex and Russ. This was a first bout for BBD referees Mr Kripling and Paul also.

The Bombshells, led by Saintly Sin and co-captain Superoxide and wearing team colours of red and black, were skating under a temporary red warning sign logo, versus the immaculately turned out Sirens in white and purple with silver details. Bombshells Razor Red and X Raych in particular both displayed serious war paint and boutfit preparation while Tuxspeedo picked up Best Boutfit for the Sirens.

Initial predictions were that the bout would be close. There were last minute lineup adjustments on both sides; the Sirens were picked from a larger pool of eligible skaters, but overall the Bombshells had more experienced skaters.

The Sirens took to the track without their power blocker and tactical wizard Diabolus Rutilus, still celebrating with the Barmy Army down under, and Kylie Volatile, temporarily sidelined due to injury; they were led by Izzy Dauntless and Rip Lashes both making their bouting debuts (although Rip Lashes has taken part in a number of bouts as a referee since joining the Dames in 2008). Raging Bulmer was a last minute addition to the Sirens, while Kylie ran their line-ups and Rex Tangle bench coached.

The Bombshells were without Bitter Sweet due to injury and Cherry KO due to unforeseen circumstances. Sirens rookies Nigella Awesome and Thunderkat joined the Bombshells for the day.

Bombshells took a decisive lead towards the middle of the first period with a 14-point jam from Sleazy Rider; throughout the bout they frequently played one rookie per jam with four more experienced skaters; this meant that Saintly Sin , Sleazy Rider, Roisin Roulette, Nina Nunchucks, Queen Boudi See-ya and Superoxide had a lot of track time. One of the new Bombshells (Dirtbag Dan) had turned up for a practice unaware that she might be on the roster and played blocker and pivot; another rookie (Razor Red) played pivot, blocker and jammer at various stages in the game. Bitter Sweet ran lineups and bench managed confidently, getting the Bombshells on the track within seconds of each jam being called off, and the ‘simple plan’ Bombshells tactics worked well; Violet Attack was the only Sirens jammer to score significant points more than once, while Nina Nunchucks had three high scoring jams for the Bombshells in the second half (15-0, 15-0 and 10-0) which helped build an unassailable lead. Superoxide sustained the worst injury of the game (taking a block on her lower jaw) and was forced to retire from jamming towards the end of the second period, but there were thankfully few other injuries. Margo Headsplitter and Maddie Hit-her played as utility blockers, fitting into the pack as and when required.

The Sirens were playing a long game with an eye to building their team of the future, and sending out their rookies in 2s and 3s to gain maximum exposure and experience from the bout (while making the best of their situation since they had fewer ‘old hands’ to call upon). Violet Attack, Suzette la Flamme and Bitchy the Killer were the cool heads directing the newer skaters, such as Drue Darkness, Section Her, Ruffty Tuffty, Raging Bulmer and Promise Payback, but with strong performances from Nico Warrior, Kathleen Hamma and Tuxspeedo and determined blocking from Izzy Dauntless and Rip Lashes, none of the Sirens rookies looked lost or struggled to keep up with play. Izzy Dauntless was the Sirens’ hardest blocker as voted for by the Bombshells; other awards went to Nico Warrior and X-Raych (best rookies on each team) to Violet Attack and Nina Nunchucks (best jammers).

Final score was Bombshells 132-65 Sirens, or, Blitz Dames scored 197 points in their first bout of 2011! Many thanks to the Dames, Dudes, Refs and NSOs who helped make it such fun; we had a blast and we’re going to do it all again as soon as we can.

~ Roisin Roulette #N17

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Intraleague Bout final score

Final score:

Bombshells 132 - 64 Sirens

Well done to everyone who bouted today and big thanks to all the refs and NSOs for making it go so well!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Intraleague Bout!

Tomorrow afternoon, the Birmingham Blitz Dames will be having their first intraleague Sirens vs Bombshells bout!

The event is by invitation only.

This will be the first bout for a number of the Dames and we are all very excited!

Izzy Dauntless, Rip Lashes, RUFFty TUFFty, Nico Warrior, Kathleen Hamma, Tuxspeedo, Drue Darkness, Evil Twin and Section Her will be bouting for the first time for the Sirens and Cherry KO, X-Raych and Razor Red from the Bombshells will be bouting for the first time.

Watch this space to see how it goes!