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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dames at Silent Fight!

This Saturday, Dames Sleazy Rider and Roisin Roulette will be skating for Team Fried Eggs at the Silent Fight double-header, hosted by the Lincolnshire Bombers at Newark Showground. ...But there's a bit of in-Dames rivalry as Violet Attack will be bench coaching for Team Melons!!!

The event also sees a bout between Team Amazon and Team Titch.

Proceeds from the raffle will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Facebook Event

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Blitz Dames in Joan OV Arc music video!

On 20th November, Blitz Dames Roisin Roulette, Nina Nunchucks, Kylie Volatile, Suzette la Flamme, Nico Warrior, Bitter Sweet and Metal Ed, joined Bedford Rollergirls for a mixed scrimmage to produce a music video for all female band Joan OV Arc!

Check out the behind the scenes/making of video here! See if you can spot any Dames whizzing past ;

And stay tuned in the New Year for details on when the video will be released.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Dames have sorted your Christmas shopping for you...

You need to get people Christmas presents. There's no escaping it.
But you don't have to go to SHOPS to do it! Wouldn't doing your Christmas hopping from the comfort of a lovely PUB be so much better?!
Forget the Bullring today. It's just full of morons who will get in your way and queues. Horrible horrible queues.
Come to the Victoris instead and buy people something unique and unusual that they'll actually appreciate instead of the usual tat from New Look.

Then congratulate yourself with a cake or two and a pint.


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Metal Ed is our N*E*R*D!!!

Blitz Dames Ref Metal Ed, competed in his first merby bout last Sunday for N*E*R*D against Southern Discomfort. By all accounts he did some awesome blocking in the name of the Dames, even though they came in a gallant second :P

Final score: Southern Discomfort 209 - N*E*R*D 69

Go Metal Ed!!!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Kate's Clothing Video

Here's the promo video taken at the Kate's Clothing party the Dames were special guests at last month... see how many roller girls you can spot skating and strutting their stuff!

...if you like the look of hanging out with the Dames, us for our Clothing, Crafts and Cales sale, this Sunday!

The Dames invade Croydon!

A last minute invite to Croydon Roller Derby's Fenris Flyer's and Brighton Rocker's Closed Mixed Scrimmage saw me (Bitter Sweet), Nina Nunchucks and Nico Warrior (and not forgetting Metal Ed!) make the traffic riddled and arduous journey down to Croydon for some real Roller Derby fun.

With Mixed teams from Croydon, Brighton, London Rockin' Rollers and of course the lovely Blitz Dames (Biased? Much!) Team Black and Team White faced off against each other! Both teams quite nervous to start with as most skaters on the teams were new to the sport but nervousness soon turned into the drive to kick some Rollergirl ass!

Team White, dubbed White Spirit (which had players like Nico Warrior, Nina Nunchucks from the Dames and Flash Bang Wallop from LRR on) took an early lead with Team Black (Dubbed the Black Pearls) failing to score for the first 3 jams. Team White 20 - Team Black 0. Ouch!

But Team Black (Consisting of players such as Bitter Sweet of the Dames, Mosquito, Liv Fast of CRD and Deadly Devito and Taco Hell of LRR) weren't gonna take it lying down! Jam 4 saw Liv Fast of the Black Pearls nabbed herself a Power Jam scoring 25 points and getting Team Black on the score board! Team White fought back but Team Black played it tactically, controlling the pack and jamming their lil hearts out! the score remained close all the way through, the lead changing many a time!

By half time Team Black had secured an uncomfortable lead! By half time the happenings of the Rollergirls had attracted the attention of the staff and users of the Leisure Centre! As the Ladies left the track they were bombarded by questions about the wonderful game!

Drinks and Fags and Tactical talk over the girls returned to the track, Team White determined to close the gap and Team Black determined to skate away with the win!!

The second half was, at times, scappy and intense with lots of penalties and lotsa points scored who came out the winner.....

The Black Pearls AKA Team Black!

Team White 63 - Team Black 79

I think all players on all teams came away from the Scrimmage with new knowledge of the game and tactics and a whole new confidence in their own abilities!

I'd just like to thank Ghouldielocks, who unfortunately couldn't skate (Next time woman *shakes fist*), for inviting the Dames to come along, for the whole of Croydon Roller Derby for setting up such an awesome Mixed Scrim and all of teams, skaters, refs and NSO's that got involved and made the day such a great success!

Bring on the next one :)

Peace out!

Bitter Sweet ♥

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Kitten Squeal blogs about the Dames mixed scrimmage

Kitten Squeal from the Milton Keynes Concrete Cows joined us for our mixed scrimmage last month as an NSO and blogged about her first experience of a mixed scrimmage.

Read all about it on her blog:
Kitten Squeal - The Birmingham Blitz Dames Mixed Scrimmage

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New Season, Back on Track...

Thanks to everyone who came along to support us at Kate's Clothing Party on 24th September.
Izzy Dauntless, Violet Attack and Superoxide in samples of Kate's Clothing.
We had a fabulous night and particularly enjoyed skating around a rock club, free shots, and boylesque! ;) Keep checking back here for more opportunities to party with the Dames!

We'd also like to say a massive thank you to our friends from Severn Roller Torrent, Rainy City Roller Girls, Bristol Harbour Harlots, London Rockin' Rollers and Milton Keynes Concrete Cows who came and joined us for a mixed scrimmage to celebrate our first birthday as Birmingham Blitz Dames last Sunday!It was a fantastic day and we can't wait to hit the track with you guys again soon! Well done to Team RAF who eventually beat Team Army and Team Navy to be overall winners of the day!

And don't forget, this Saturday is Fresh Meat Saturday! If you think you want to get involved with Birmingham Blitz Dames, send us an email to or reply to this blog and come along at 9.30am on Saturday to Stockland Green Leisure Centre!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Mixed Scrimmage this Sunday!

Email or check out the Facebook Event for more information.
Tickets available from

And don't miss your chance to party with the Dames at Kate's Clothing Party this Friday!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Kate's Clothing Party and Mixed Scrimmage!

Firstly, well done to all our new skaters who attended your Fresh Meat session this month! It was great to see so many enthusiastic new Dames, definitely some seriously tough roller girls in the making there!

For those of you looking for your next oportunity to party with the Dames, come along to Eddie's on 24th September to celebrate the relaunch of 'Kate's Clothing.'

The Dames will be there on skates, modelling the clothes and handing out shots in exchange for craaaaaziness... along with Nympherno, Badlands Boylesque and stilt walkers! Be there!
Facebook Event - Kate's Clothing

Aaaaand finally...
The Dames are hosting their first mixed scrimmage of the season! It's on Sunday 26th September at Xcel Leisure Centre, Coventry. Skaters who have passed WFTDA minimum skills are welcome to participate, as well as Refs and NSOs. Tickets are £7 for skaters and £5 for NSOs.

For further information and to let us know you can make it, check out the Facebook Event.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, 3 September 2010

September 2010 Fresh Meat Induction - Tomorrow!

A reminder that tomorrow, 4th September 2010 is our first fresh meat induction session of the season.

If you fancy giving roller derby a go, just give us a shout and feel free to come along! We have equipment for you to borrow and the first session is free!

The session starts at 9.30am at Stockland Green Leisure Centre, Marsh Lane, Erdington, Birmingham. See you there!

Thank you!

Just a quick thank you to everyone who came along to our end of season 'Scary Tales' party last Sunday at Subside.
We had a great time and raised some much needed funds for the league.
Keep checking this blog for more opportunities to party with the Dames!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

More Roller Destruction @ Arcadia!

What do you get when you combine 40 roller girls from across the country, their fans and refs, sprinkle on a little pizza and cake, then stir for 24 hours? A whole big pile of awesome, that’s what!

August 14th was the date of Roller Destruction in Manchester. The venue of the Arcadia in Levenshulme, where the Manchester Roller Derby girls train, is enough to make any derby dame swoon. A full size hall with a gallery for the spectators, digital timer, and the track painted out on the floor. No cones for these women! Skating there was a dream - nothing imparts the feeling of professionalism like a venue designed exclusively for rollersports.

After the warm up & group stretch we rocked off with the first bout. It was hard-fought and exciting, with players mixed up with people from all over the country having to work on quick tactics & teamwork. The crowd couldn’t have guessed though - the defensive teamwork of the blockers was seamless, and the jammers moved around the track like greased lightning, getting whipped through the pack like the teams had trained together far longer than the 10 minutes we had all known each other.

At the end of the first bout the black team had thrashed the whites, although both teams had displayed some epic play. The crowd was excited, everyone was in high spirits, and it was time for some awesome pizza & learning how to maintain our skates on the sunny grass with Paul The Man. There was a fount of useful information, modified spanners, and some cunning use of bike oil & concorde grease; but words cannot share the wonders of what Paul can do with a filmcase & a can of WD40.

For me the most fun part of the day was a game of roller hockey, this time blacks versus greens. Everyone could take part, including some who were probably too young for roller derby (though getting my skating skills mocked by said 3-year-old child was less fun!) It was a game most of us had no training in apart from some chilly lessons at school, but what we lacked for in skill we made up for in enthusiasm. The ball was whacked all around the court, players collided and points were scored. The greens won the first time round (Woo!), although the blacks won in the second game (Boo!) Definitely something I want to play more of.

The fun carried on far into the night, accompanied by a lot of laughter and hugs. Overall, it was an amazing day, and I’d love to offer my adoring thanks to all those who made it possible. A shining example of the awesome fun of roller derby!



PS - Don't forget our Scary Tales end of season party on Sunday!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

From Atta Grrl to Scary Tales...

The Blitz Dames would like to thank everyone who came along to our fundraiser at Subside on 29th July. :)

The event featured a DJ set from female-vocalist-loving Atta Grrl, as well as the typical cakes, Blitz Bomber cocktails and general debauchery you've come to expect from a Blitz Dames party. Oh, and we managed to raise a nice bit of cash for the league too!

See? ;)

And if you're wondering when you can get yourselves in on some of this partying with roller girls business... Our next event is our end of season party on 29th August 2010 at Subside!

Our 'Scary Tales' event, is a Blitz Dames party with a twisted fairy tales theme! There will be the usual partying and cakes and fancy dress in a scary fairy tale manner is pretty much a given!

There will also be fire breathing and dancing from the gorgeous Nympherno, as well as live music from Great Uncles, Laughing in the Face Of and The Glass Gods.

The event starts from 8pm and we won't even try to kick you out until 2am. And all this for a measley £3 before 9pm and £4 after that! Bargain!

And for those 'facebook or it doesn't happen' types, check out our event page.

Don't forget, the next day is a Bank Holiday Monday so there's no excuse not to stay out partying with us!

Hope to see you there!!!
The Dames are back from an awesome weekend in London courtesy of the London Rockin' Rollers.

Our very own Violet and Attack and Sleazy Rider, skated in the intraleague bout for the Voodoo Skullcrushers and the Goldie Looking Chain Gang.

After a reeeeeeally close match, the final score was 199 to the Voodoo Skullcrushers and 120 to the Goldie Looking Chain Gang!!!

Thanks to LRR for having us, we all had a fantastic time :)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Skate Battle n Roll!!!

Exciting news! Blitz Dames skaters Violet Attack and Sleazy Rider will be guest-skating at Skate Battle n Roll, the London Rocking Rollers' next intraleague bout!

Violet Attck will be skating for the Voodoo Skull Crushers and Sleazy Rider for the Goldie Looking Chain Gang, so if you fancy seeing a bit of Dame on Dame action, head on down!

TOMORROW! 5-15 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London

Doors open at 4pm, Bout starts at 5pm.

See you there!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pride...In The Name Of Blitz

With lots of promising newbies learning to roller skate, and a revitalised training programme to stretch the more experienced, these are exciting, hard working times in the Blitz camp. Time for a round up of recent happenings:

Viva Bash Vegas saw us thoroughly beaten by a fearsome Leeds Roller Dolls. While we're not fans of being on the losing side, several Dames got to pop their bouting cherry, and everyone learned a lot. Big thanks to LRD for hosting us and throwing such an awesome afterparty.

Many Blitz Dames made it to the Texas Rollergirls Bootcamp in London, and then to the Blood and Thunder Bootcamp here in Birmingham. Hanging out with the the international roller family is fantastic fun, but as well as picking up hints and tips and socialising, B&T saw Dames on the track. Sleazy Rider and Violet Attack made it onto the all-star squad, and the officiating team was blessed with the presence of our Zebras, Cyndi Vortex and Mimey Vice. Thanks to all the hosts and teachers, and hope everyone who got broken and bruised is recovering speedily.

With bad helmet hair and smelling of hardcore training and leisure centre floor, we did our bit to spread the Blitz message and show our support for the LGBT community, at Birmingham's Pride event. Unveiling our new flag, creation of the ridiculously talented Izzy Dauntless was one of the high points. As well as partying, rain and shine, in the gay village and meeting up with our non-derby friends. Rainbow plus khaki is such a good combination.

Proud Dames in Hurst Street

Don't forget, if you're not already skating with us, we'd love you to join. Contact us and find out how you can get involved.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dames Whip It Up!

Last Friday, the Birmingham Blitz Dames were invited to the Empire Cinema in Rubery to help promote the roller derby film Whip It, starring Ellen Page and directed by Drew Barrymore.

The Dames, pretty excited to see a mainstream film starring our favourite sport, started whipping up some excitement for the film by skating around the foyer and outside the cinema and giving badges and leaflets about roller derby to curious cinema goers.

As you may suspect, such activities tend to attract attention. But nothing attracted quite as much attention from the male cinema employees as Diamondback Belle's ass...

... and who could blame them?! ;)

For those of you who haven't read about this already, Whip It is based on the novel Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, who used to skate for Los Angeles Derby Dolls under the name of Maggie Mayhem (a name shared with one of the characters in the film), she also wrote the film's screenplay.

The film follows Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page), a misfit from a small Texan town, who finds escape from the monotony of her family, beauty pagents and small town life by playing roller derby. The film marks Drew Barrymore's directorial debut, and she also plays the role of Smashley Simpson, a lovably ditzy, yet feisty (read: violent) roller girl.

Although excited to see the film, prior to watching it the Dames did express some cynicism about how the film would actually portray derby and its roller girls. The trailers we had seen already appeared to focus on it being a teen-misfit/romance-type-story and we weren't even sure how heavily roller derby would feature in Whip It. There were a few concerns that roller derby might be glamourised in a typical Hollywood fashion in the film, or perhaps even not taken very seriously. With this at the back of some of our minds, we skated into the screen, started stuffing our faces with popcorn, and settled down to watch the film.

Having seen Whip It, and discussing it at length afterwards whilst nursing bellies full of popcorn and nachos, the Dames agreed that the film actually does roller derby and its skaters a lot of justice, and is generally feel-good, funny viewing.

Although there are certain parts of the film where it might appear that the rules are optional (fighting on the track?!), it was otherwise agreed to be a pretty good representation of what it is like to enter the world of roller derby. The way that derby can become an all-emcompassing obsession very quickly was accurately shown in the film, as well as some quite poignant moments that will strike a chord with all roller girls. Moments such as when Bliss opens the box containing her own pair for Reidells for the first time, or the comments people make in the film about whether girls with so many tattoos can find a job, comparing bruises, or chosing a skater name, raised a smile with the Dames as something all derby girls can relate to.

We also agreed that we liked the way the diversity of roller derby was shown in the film. It would have been easy to use typically 'Hollywood' pretty, big boobed, skinny actresses to play the skaters and make the whole thing very glamourous, yet, just like in any league, there was a mixture of size, race, sexuality, lifestyle and age portrayed in Whip It and one of the Mason Sisters (who skate with the LA Derby Dolls in real life) was portrayed as a deaf character. The skaters are realistic, they swear, they make rude jokes and they make mistakes (just like most of the Dames...)

It was also nice to see that roller derby was shown to empower Bliss. There was a side-plot where Ellen Page's character falls for a dashing young chap in a band, and yet when she's not happy with the situation, she ends it. No angst, no weeping, and none of that oh she got the boy and lived happily ever after rubbish. She takes control and decides what she wants, which is a refreshing change for a teenage love story and made the Dames breathe a sigh of relief that Whip It was not just the slushy chick flick that it seemed to have been promoted as.

In some ways however, the film was quite formulaic in a sports/coming of age movie kind of sense, though this may have been necessary to widen the appeal of Whip It to an audience who may not be aware of anything about what is essentially still an underground sport in this country. The Dames agree that Whip It was definitely has the potential to spread roller derby to the masses and it is a shame that it was not promoted better, as the trailers seemed to focus on Bliss' not fitting in and then finding a boy, rather than pushing how awesome roller derby is (then again, we would say that wouldn't we?!)

Overall, the Dames were pleasantly surprised with Whip It. We laughed (a lot) we cringed (in all the right places) and we all identified with someone in the film. If we weren't already wearing our skates in the screening, Whip It would definitely have made us want to strap some wheels on and find out what this roller derby thing is really all about.

Fancy being your own hero?

If you've seen Whip It (or even if you haven't) and fancy trying out roller derby for yourself, come to Birmingham Blitz Dames' next induction session on Saturday 1st May 2010, 9.30am at Stockland Green Leisure Centre, Birmingham. Unlike in the film, it doesn't matter if you've never skated before and we can lend you the skates and safety equipment you'll need.

Or, if you'd prefer to watch first, Birmingham Blitz Dames are bouting against Leeds Roller Dolls on Saturday 24th April 2010, 2pm at Leeds University. Tickets are available now from for only £6!

(Facebook Event)

Birmingham Blitz Dames would like to thank all the staff at the Empire Cinema in Rubery for their awesome hospitality, and for letting us skate around their cinema!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Viva Bash Vegas - BBD vs LRD - 24th April 2010

Get ready to get down and derby as we bring you Viva Bash Vegas!

Those Rollin’ Aces the Birmingham Blitz Dames are heading north to take on those Ace Venturas the Leeds Roller Dolls in a Clash-ino Royale to remember! The last meeting of these Queens of the Pack saw Birmingham royally rush away with victory but a year has passed and Leeds are gunning for some Vegas vengeance! The girls have got their laces high and their poker skates on so place your butts, it’s gonna be a Las Vegas Takedown! When the (c)hips are down, who'll be victorious in this game of Rushin' Roulette?

Roller derby is a fast paced, high adrenaline, full contact sport. Sunset tripping up other players is strictly forbidden, along with use of the elbows and royal pushing other players over and play is carefully reffed to ensure there's no Casino Carnage on the track.

We promise you high rollin' fun, cakes, booze, a raffle and Royal Rumble of a bout. There'll be no fear and loathing in this Bash Vegas, just million dollar derby!

Don't gamble your money away! Bring it with you and buy some lovely things. We'll have stalls on the day from;

Finest Imaginary -
Dolly Cool -
Amazing Skates -
On the Wall -
Martha's Marvels! -

And Play your Cards Right at half time! What more could you want?

Venue Address:

Leeds University Sports Hall
Willow Terrace


The Sports Hall is marked with the letter G on the map, and there is a carpark right outside!

Tickets are available NOW from
Standard tickets are £6
Students/OAPS £5
Under 10's Free

Hope to see you there!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Thank you for the support!!!

Birmingham Blitz Dames would like to extend a MASSIVE derby thank you to everyone who attended our Monsters vs Aliens themed 'Attack of the Rollergirls' fundraiser on Easter Sunday!

In true Dames style, there was non-stop karaoke and a mountain of cakes. Thanks to your support we managed to raise a phenomenal amount and have an awesome night as well.

The Dames all appreciate this and encourage you all to continue to support your local roller derby!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Attack of the Roller Girls!

Join us tomorrow evening for Cakes, Karaoke and Blitz Bombers!

Subside, Fletchers Walk, Birmingham.

Facebook Event

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Blitz Dames on Eggheads!

The Dames filmed an episode of Eggheads way back in March 2009 and it was finally shown on BBC 2 last night.

For those that missed it or would to view it again, you can watch it until 6.29pm on Tuesday 16th February on BBC iPlayer.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Tattoo Freeze

On Sunday 17th January, the Blitz Dames popped down the road to Telford to the Tattoo Freeze convention to play their first bout of 2010. Tattoos and a day of derby you say? Was this the best day ever? Why yes it was!

A mini tournament was set up composed of half hour bouts throughout the day. With stiff competition from the formidible London Roller Girls league teams; The Ultraviolent Femmes, The Suffrajets and The Steam Rollers, the Dames decided to call in some help from their allies. Our roster was made up of 7 Blitz Dames skaters, plus 7 guest skaters from London Rockin' Rollers, Severn Roller Torrent and Leeds Roller Dolls to form The Blitz Dames Allied Army!!! (It was also the first time the Dames had had the opportunity to bout wearing our shiny new logo!)

(The Blitz Dames Allied Army: Bitchy the Killer, The Skatrix, Bruise 'em Banshee, Jack Attack, Violet Attack, Sleazy Rider, Roisin Roulette, Saintly Sin, Diamondback Belle, Von Bitch, Moxie Blitz, Cat A Sonic, Hooligal, Helen Fury and Frantic)

The first mini bout of the day was The Ultraviolent Femmes vs The Steam Rollers. In a closely fought match that turned the LRG inter-league expectations on its head, The Ultraviolent Femmes won with 31 points to The Steam Rollers' 28.

After a short break it was time for our first bout of the event against The Suffrajets. After a fairly good start, our jammer ended up in the box, allowing the jammer from The Suffrajets to get a 30 point jam. This left the Blitz Dames Allied Army trailing at the end with 20 points to The Suffrajets' 86 points. Ouch!

Next up was The Steam Rollers against The Suffrajets. The Suffrajets, tired from playing their second match in a row, caused The Steamrollers to win this bout 28 points to 60.

The Blitz Dames Allied Army then took on their second team of the day, The Ultraviolent Femmes. With blocks that were notoriously difficult for our jammers to get past, and some excellent jams from the Femmes' Kamakaze Kitty, the final score was 17 to the Blitz Dames Allied Army and 89 to the Ultraviolent Femmes.

The Femmes went from victory against us, straight into victory against The Suffrajets, winning their match against them 97 points to 12.

Our final round robin bout of the day, was against The Steam Rollers. After what seemed a promising start, The Steam Rollers secured a win with 88 points to our 21.

As the Allied Army and The Suffrajets had won the least games so far, we then went on to play them for third place in the tournament. The Allied Army fought valliantly, but determined not to be in 4th place, The Suffrajets pulled out all the stops and used their most effective tactics to break the 100 point barrier and win the game with 126 points to the Allied Army's 12 points, securing them third place in the tournament.

The final between The Steam Rollers and The Ultraviolent Femmes was nail-bitingly close for the entire half hour. With the team in the lead changing many times throughout the bout, it really could have been anyone's game. However, in the final jam, Fox Sake managed to clock up enough points for The Steam Rollers to lead them to victory. The final score; The Ultraviolent Femmes: 33, The Steam Rollers: 36.

(Raw Heidi for The Steam Rollers, recieves the trophy for the winning team. Photo by Teshi)

Although the Blitz Dames Allied Army didn't even get a whiff of a win all day, it was unanimously agreed to be a great day of derby. The atmosphere was both electric and friendly, with derby-types from leagues all across Britiain helping to organise, officiate, and promote roller derby!

The event also drew a huge number of fans from the tattoo convention who came along to see what all the fuss was about and there wasn't a time during the day when there wasn't a large crowd of people against the barriers, craning their necks to see oddly-dressed girls skating around bashing each other! It has to be said it went down very well with the punters at Tattoo Freeze.

The Dames all had an excellent day and would like to thank all three LRG teams for not going easy on us and making us up our game. It was a tough, challenging, but awesome event. We'd also like to thank Tattoo Freeze for having us there, and our allies from LRR, SRT and LRD for going into battle with us. It was an honour to fight beside you!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Winter Wheelies

Time for a little review of recent times to distract us from how all this weather is unsettling the normal schedule for skate practice. You'd think roller girls would be used to sliding all over the place and therefore ideally suited to arctic conditions, but eight wheels is NOT the same as an icy road, sadly.

November brought us the great fun of bouting the London Rockin Rollers away. Thinking about the wonderful warm welcome we received might just melt the snow! Possibly the fastest pack speeds ever seen in UK derby, and some awesome defensive play, took the LRR to victory, beating us 179 to 61. The grins on so many Blitz faces after the bout suggests that we at BBD don't like the easy life, there's so much to learn when you're being challenged, LRR were generous hosts and it was a pleasure to skate with them. Special thanks for the medals!

I will NOT be mentioning any of the silliness that took place travelling between Birmingham and London. Let's just say it can be a lot of fun hanging out with Dames in a confined space and we've no intention of growing up and getting boring any time soon. :-)

Such fun was had with LRR that we were setting a date for another chance to skate with them before the bruises had even had a chance to show. So right after new year, bulging with mince pies, we held a mixed scrimmage at Aston Arena welcoming skaters and officials from LRR, Rainy City, Severn Roller Torrent and Bedfordshire Roller Girls, among others. We had a wonderful day, despite the cold, and were so glad that so many roller girls and guys made the effort to get to us. It was really great to pack up in different combinations and learn to work different tactics and with different on-track personalities. Hanging out in the bar with cake and pizza, to witness the Derby Marriage of our Sleazy Rider and Roisin Roulette, was a great way to finish the day. Again, massive thanks to everyone who was there. We hope we'll be able to repeat the event and get even more leagues involved soon!

As well as having fun at Subside for our Christmas fundraiser, and getting to see lots of bouty goodness courtesy of Rainy City and LRG, we've been training hard and welcoming lots of lovely new Dames into the derby way of life. We're hoping the snow won't disrupt our attendance at Tattoo Freeze, where we'll be bringing a team with guests from LRR, Leeds Roller Dolls and SRT to take on the three LRG teams in the hope of converting a fan or two to our sport. Tattoo enthusiasts and roller derby? Doesn't sound like a promising mix... ;-)

The future's bright: the future's roll-y.

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year, New Logo!

For the New Year we’ve decided it’s out with the old and in with the new and we’ve had a new and improved logo designed by Mr Volatile, our very own Kylie Volatile’s derby widow.

The Dames will next be bouting, with special guests from Severn Roller Torrent, London Rockin Rollers and Leeds Roller Dolls, against all 3 London Rollergirls teams at the Tattoo Freeze tattoo convention at Telford International Centre on Sunday 17th January. The fun kicks off at 11am. For more info on the convention got to -

The Birmingham Blitz Dames would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.