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Birmingham Blitz Dames - Birmingham, England's Original All Female Flat Track Roller Derby

Thursday, 29 October 2009

August -October

Time for a little catch up on the happenings of the Blitz Dames as the season gets underway.

August started with the Goodwood Roller Marathon and raising vast sums for Zoe's Place and earning lots of blisters.

L-R Kiki, Attack, Suzette, Lornatik, Fyta, Margo and Vortex.

The August Bank Holiday saw us hosting our inaugural Dames Awards Ceremony. With Hollywood glamour, in the sparkle of the camera's flash, we got together at our sponsor Subside bar to celebrate the strengths of the last season and look forward to the next.

Awards included: Most Valued Player and Highest Scoring Jammer for Violet Attack, Penalty Box Queen and Best Overall Hitter for the much missed Union Jack-U-Up. Bitchy The Killer as Best Rookie, Kylie Volatile as Most Improved and the inevitable Smelliest Pads going to Saintly Sin.

It was another fab Blitz Dames event, with much consumption of our Blitz Bomber cocktails and many people releasing their inner diva on the karaoke stage. Big thanks to the fabulous Voodoo Kings who rockabillied our night away!

Then in September our Saintly Sin and Kylie Volatile skated with Severn Roller Torrent's Quad Squad in the Middlesborough Milk Rollers' Northern Exposure event in Darlington. It wasn't easy, with Leeds Roller Dolls bouting so well, and Quad Squad comprising members from several teams who hadn't skated together before, but as always, our girls went out there to do their best and have a good time. Mission achieved! Great to see MMR and CCR on the track too!

And ending October we found ourselves invited by pop artist Jann Haworth to the private view of her new exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Ms Haworth is the mother of England's Glory, jammer for Utah team Leave It To Cleavers, and roller derby has inspired some of her work. We had a fabulous chat about derby with her, and a great time exploring her soft sculpture. A big Blitz Thumbs Up to a very interesting exhibition: Go see it!

L-R: Attack, Elle, Lornatik, Jann Haworth, Maddie Hit-her, Mimey, Vortex and half a Sprite.

The end of October also see the launch of the Birmingham Contemporary Art Forum's The Event, our Rip Lashes' baby, bringing together many artists in unexpected exhibition spaces around the city. Should be good!

Looking to the future we mustn't forget our next away bout on the 21st of November. Click HERE to get your tickets for The Fightmare Before Christmas against London Rockin Rollers. Whooop!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Fightmare Before Christmas

It's been a while since the Blitz Dames had a bout to get excited about, but it's not long now until the fabulous London Rockin Rollers host us in a bout they're calling The Fightmare Before Christmas. Both teams have been training hard, and after seeing each other pull out spectacular performances at Roll Brittannia, it's fair to say it will be a hard fought and closely matched battle.

The event takes place at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on the 21st of November, and tickets are available at LRR's website right now. It's a beautiful venue with a well equipped bar, so everyone needs to be there to cheer us on and support the sport of roller derby.

Click HERE to get your tickets.

And to check out the event on facebook go HERE.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Off Wheels

Exciting times, as ever, at the Blitz Boot Camp. We're all training hard to get ready to kick start this season and a quartet of our lovely skaters have decided they needed more of a challenge. Four of our heroines in khaki: Training Director Sleazy Rider, hard hitter Bitchy the Killer and star jammers Roisin Roulette and Kiki Kasplat, will be leaving their wheels at home and running 13.1 miles on Sunday 11th October to raise money for the Birmingham Women's Hospital.

Of course we want everyone to have the opportunity to support us, so click here and with a bit of luck you'll be able to drop off a few pennies for a good cause. All gifts appreciated, so if it's just fifty pence, rest assured, you've warmed the cockles of the Blitz Dames' collective heart and helped us make a difference. We'd also value your support on the day. You'll easily spot these dames running together in bouting kit (minus pads and skates). Also, look out for many of our supporters and team mates in the crowd and come and say hello!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters in the summer, after we raised well over £1000 for Zoe's Place when a bunch of us skated the Goodwood Roller Marathon. HUGE thanks to everyone who donated so generously. I think all our blisters have now healed.