Blitz Dames Roller Derby Boot Camp

Birmingham Blitz Dames - Birmingham, England's Original All Female Flat Track Roller Derby

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pride...In The Name Of Blitz

With lots of promising newbies learning to roller skate, and a revitalised training programme to stretch the more experienced, these are exciting, hard working times in the Blitz camp. Time for a round up of recent happenings:

Viva Bash Vegas saw us thoroughly beaten by a fearsome Leeds Roller Dolls. While we're not fans of being on the losing side, several Dames got to pop their bouting cherry, and everyone learned a lot. Big thanks to LRD for hosting us and throwing such an awesome afterparty.

Many Blitz Dames made it to the Texas Rollergirls Bootcamp in London, and then to the Blood and Thunder Bootcamp here in Birmingham. Hanging out with the the international roller family is fantastic fun, but as well as picking up hints and tips and socialising, B&T saw Dames on the track. Sleazy Rider and Violet Attack made it onto the all-star squad, and the officiating team was blessed with the presence of our Zebras, Cyndi Vortex and Mimey Vice. Thanks to all the hosts and teachers, and hope everyone who got broken and bruised is recovering speedily.

With bad helmet hair and smelling of hardcore training and leisure centre floor, we did our bit to spread the Blitz message and show our support for the LGBT community, at Birmingham's Pride event. Unveiling our new flag, creation of the ridiculously talented Izzy Dauntless was one of the high points. As well as partying, rain and shine, in the gay village and meeting up with our non-derby friends. Rainbow plus khaki is such a good combination.

Proud Dames in Hurst Street

Don't forget, if you're not already skating with us, we'd love you to join. Contact us and find out how you can get involved.