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Monday, 28 April 2008

What a Derby Day!

What an incredible derby day! It all began with the league meeting where we discussed many key issues and got loads agreed and organised. The new website development is really taking shape, the upcoming events are being planned meticulously and new headshots were taken by the wonderful Jenny from JHT.

There was no hesitation as we strapped on our skates and had an amazing session. With some very promising newcomers, newbies improving by the minute and advanced skaters working on various skills, the hall was filled with an electric, hard-working atmosphere.

After practise, a group of Dames headed for Central Backpackers for a sponsorship meeting, stopping on the way in Vintage to pick up some spangly shades for the upcoming Birmingham Pride parade.

The meeting went very well with Ian Randall of the Backpackers signing up for the ‘General of the Army’ level of sponsorship and kindly doubling the amount that he is offering to us in trade. What a guy! That was even after the extremely loud farting sound caused us all to erupt in fits of giggles- how professional! We still think it was you Skatrix!

So off the Dames skipped and jumped to Wokmania; the second leg of the all-you-can-eat tour. It’s not just about the skating you know! It gained a few marks for ambience and aesthetics, however, the serious health and safety issues with the slippery floor and the lack of a chocolate fountain put it well behind Big Wok in the rankings.

All in all, a derby day to remember. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I love those Dames!

Kiki Kasplat

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