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Friday, 28 January 2011

Blitz Boobs on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies

Channel 4's medical programme Embarrassing Bodies returns tonight at 9pm. If you watch this series, you might spot a few of your favourite roller girls learning how to check their Blitz Boobies...

Back in July 2010, the Birmingham Blitz Dames were asked to appear on Embarrassing Bodies to assist in demonstrating how to do a breast check, looking for lumps or changes in tissue which could indicate breast cancer.

The producers were hoping for ‘at least six’ ladies from the team who knew each other and would be comfortable getting their boobs out in front of each other, the show’s doctor and the cameras. They came to see us skating for a typical training session at Stockland Green Leisure Centre, to get an idea of the make up of the team – they were looking for a group of women of different body shapes and ages.

In the end there were twelve Dames able to take part on the day. The filming was done in a small gallery at Compton Verney on Tuesday 27 July 2010. Everyone was a bit nervous at first, because it is a strange way to spend a morning. They were introduced to the all female team of director, doctor and camera crew, and signed some waivers saying they were happy for their breasts to be shown to the nation(!)

The breat-baring Dames were then filmed having a look round the gallery where there were photos on display showing different shapes and sizes of breasts belonging to different women, all healthy and ‘normal’ but incredibly diverse.

It was then time for the Dames to whip their tops off and stand in a semi circle while Doctor Dawn talked about how useful the programme was, and explained that they film this same segment every year with different sports teams, and every year after it airs they get calls from women who have never done breast self examination before but have done so because of the show. She’s quite sure that lives have been saved through this. This is the reason that the Blitz Dames are proud to have volunteered to take part in the show.

During the filing, the girls were assured that the camera would not focus on any one person for too long, and that generally it would be at either face or breast level, rather than showing face and breasts in the same shot. There was a discussion about bra fit and breast size and shape, how the girls felt about their boobs and generally, it was agreed that we’re all bloody gorgeous clothed or naked!

Promise Payback agreed to be the guinea pig, standing next to the doctor and demonstrating how to work around the breast, checking all of the breast tissue under the fingers and extending the examination up towards the armpit. Then everyone gave it a go, taking it in turns to look in a mirror, and nobody found anything worrying. Violet Attack volunteered for her boobs to be used as a backdrop for some facts that the production team will put up on the screen.

The following Tuesday, the camera crew joined the Blitz Dames again at the training session at Stockland Green Leisure Centre, filming the Dames in action in their natural environment, this time, with tops on ;)
The Birmingham Blitz Dames can be seen on Embarrassing Bodies on Friday 4th February 2010, 9pm on Channel 4.

For all press or media enquiries please click here. The Blitz Dames are available for interview at short notice and are happy to talk about the episode.

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