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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Blitz Beauties Calendar Shoot

Exclusive on the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames Photoshoot!

So what have you been up to? We’ve been on a fabulous photo shoot darling! Imagine it’s early Sunday morning and you spot a bevy of blitz beauties (plus Chester Drawers) in skimpy uniforms hanging around the Birmingham bull. What would you do? Well I’m sure you wouldn’t send your obnoxious security guards to force us to leave the er ‘private property’. Anyway, who needs the bull when we have much more in common with ‘the floozy in the jacuzzi’ for our stunning snapshots.

After managing not to fall down the steps or in the fountain we headed down to Birmingham Backpackers (it’s like our second home, but with better décor!). Some of the girls were captured on film in the bedroom (ooh er!) while the rest of us chilled out in the lounge, or got our hair done by clever Kiki Kasplat- mistress of many trades! Some lucky ladies got to dress up in leather and sit astride some rather hot rides – Harley Davidson bikes that is – and the rest of us are not at all jealous, no really!

Next we went off on an adventure to Paintball Park in Kidderminster, where we commandeered a tank and entertained the troops by posing to our hearts’ content! Got a bit icky with the paint and dirt but we succeeded in our mission and got pics of Violet Attack straddling a rather large gun (it was her idea!).

While Violet and Kiki went to play dress-up in a grave yard (I can’t wait to see those photos) the rest of us headed for The Cross in Moseley. A few drinks (and some rather nice grub) later we were all raring to have more photos taken: The psycho valentines got saucy, the 50s femmes got fatal, the mad hatters got minxy, the spring pin-ups got super sexy, the boxing babes got bad, and then everyone hit on Santa (in a brutal beating by blockers way!). Finally, the evening saw most of us back at a favourite hangout – Subside – for yet more fabulous photos in our more natural habitat – a bar!

Please note: the pictures included here are from a previous shoot. If you want to see the sexy, sassy Blitz Dames’ pictures I’ve described you will just have to wait for our limited edition calendar to be published!

Derby love from Promise Payback #20-20

P.S. Santa survived and he wants you all to buy a Blitz Dames calendar for Xmas!


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