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Friday, 17 October 2008

Viva GlasVegas!

A troop of Dames will be heading off for fair Glasgow to join in the UK's first ever roller derby boot camp event with guest coaches from the United States --- Ivanna S Panking & Trish the Dish both from Arizona Roller Derby (formerlly from Sin City Rollergirls).

Both are legends in skating... heading up the resurrgence of our sport, they are more than fantastic skaters, they are LEGENDS!

We're soooo excited to be participating... we've forgone a regular bouting practice to attend (one week before our bout!) --- there's loads of activities planned --- including mixed scrimmaging and the UK's first roller derby wedding... now this is a special occassion being officiated by Elvis himself!

It's a unique opportunity for skaters in the UK to have a wee taste of RollerCon --- Glaswegian Style!

Look out skaters --- we're coming for yer wimmin!

We'll post the photos we won't be too ashamed to share following the weekend!


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