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Saturday, 13 June 2009

A Savage Journey to the Heart of Roller Derby

So it's only one week since we faced the London Roller Girls and already the next bout is almost upon us.

London Brawling won 249 - 20. A scoreline not dissimilar to the first time we faced each other, but the bouts were miles apart. We have some fearless hitters, LRG have even less fear and even more hit. We have some super sleek, powerful jammers who can weave themselves through tiny spaces between roller girls...until they meet an LRG wall at the front of the pack. We have jammers who look fast and sneaky, until an LRG jammer whooshes past them. We've come such a long way since we first faced LRG on the track last October, but, sadly for us, LRG weren't snoozing in the intervening months either.

BB*DD had an awesome day (and night) of derby in London, and what the scoreboard showed after two chunks of thirty, really was not the most important thing. All of our skaters finished the bout with a massive grin on their face, many proud bruises and aching limbs, and a sense of achievement. We played hard, learned masses, and played as a team; nobody could ask for more than that.

LRG were friendly and helpful hosts. The first bout of the double header, between Leeds Roller Dolls and LRG's B-Team, the Brawl Saints was fantastic. The crowd was amazing, lively and supportive. The fun flowed freely at the after party. Memorable moments as this blitz dame remembers it:

~Correctional Felicity seeming to be an impenetrable wall even without any team mates. What's a word that means more impenetrable than impenetrable?
~Union Jack-U-Up finally getting back on her feet, and being ok, after she'd flipped into the wall and lay shaking on the floor for what seemed like hours.
~Kitty Decapitate and Fox Sake lapping the pack far too quickly. Far too easily.
~Those few happy jams where our jammers made it through the pack and scored some points.
~Realising roller derby has made it as a legitimate sport, when a newly naked man completed his first lap of the pack. Our first streaker!!!!! A naughty man who was properly punished for interfering with play. A very naughty boy who amused many.

Massive respect to LRG for being such an amazing league of skaters and much appreciation for treating us to such fun. <3 <3 <3

Here's to hoping we offer Auld Reekie a similar experience at our last bout of the season. Fun, frolics and fearsome derby action guarranteed at our new home Aston Arena. Tickets available here.

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  1. Heya!!! Great write up!!!! Thanks for making my last game so much fun!!!!