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Friday, 5 June 2009

Share the Skate

These have been super busy times for the Blitz Dames. We're all fired up and ready to cause (legitimate and fair) carnage with London Roller Girls which is, eek, tomorrow. Thanks for hosting us, London, here's to a great sportswomanship, excellent entertainment and every Dame coming home knowing they've done their best. Preferably in one piece. Good luck to all skaters and officials. Then a mere two weeks later we're hosting Auld Reekie in our new home Aston Arena. It's boutiful!

We've been lucky to spend time with skaters from other leagues. Last month saw BB*DD sharing a scrimmage with London Rockin Rollers, skating several sessions with Blue Ruin from the Emerald City Roller Girls, and having a training session led by Winona Fighter from the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls

We've picked up new drills, honed old techniques, gained insight on aspects of gameplay and most of all, enjoyed basking in the love of the derby community. It's been amazing for us to meet so many fabulous people in the name of derby. MASSIVE thanks to all the skaters and skate lovers who took part in all of these meetings and made it happen. And big derby love.

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