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Friday, 24 April 2009

A Good Time To Be A Dame

It's been a tough, but enjoyable year so far, and now the Blitz Dames have something like a breather approaching.

We spent January in Stuttgart, then rolled off to Glasgow in February, followed by hosting Middlesborough and Leeds in March and April, and we're skating in NO bouts during May! One bout a month has been a punishing schedule for us, as the injuries have shown; but if this is how they play in the United States, and hey those wimpy footballers can face each other twice a WEEK, then this is what we need to aim for.

We certainly aren't complaining. Every bout has tested and challenged us. With the fierce competitiveness and commitment to the sport shown by every woman we've met on the track, there is never going to be an 'easy' bout. And with roller derby still being such a new sport in this country we still have lots of mistakes to make in order to learn not to make them again. No Blitz Dame is EVER going to take her helmet panty off while serving time in the penalty box, after Sleazy Rider's educational incident during Dollhouse Devastation.

But this learning through bouting is one of the aspects that makes involvement in derby so fulfilling. We are doing it for ourselves and finding out HOW to do it as we go. Hard work? oh yes. Scary at times? certainly. Exhausting? enormously. But worth it? a million times yes.

June promises to be a massively educational month for us. Early on we're away in London to try to regain a little pride against the London Roller girls in our rematch. Capital Punishment was a bout that certainly lived up to its name, as we were conclusively and resolutely shown who had the superior skaters. Was it a 200 point lead? Woah! We've been involved in several bouts since then, and our tactical understanding and stamina is always improving; we're in a much stronger position than back in October 2008, so it's looking positive. But then again we've seen how skilled, hard and fast those LRG girls are. We'll be in it to win it, (how could we NOT?), but having fun, learning from LRG and taking another step towards broadening the foundation of British roller derby will be our priorities.

Later in June, (that's the same month!!!! Two bouts in one month!!!! *faints*) we will be hosting Auld Reekie. Now we've been lucky enough to spend time on the track with a number of ARRG's girls who guest skated for LRD and MMR, so we're prepared to be scared there too. They're looking good as individuals: what terror will they unleash when there's a whole team of them? It'll be hard work, it'll be punishing, but it'll totally be worth it.

Quite apart from the bouting we've got an exciting roller-schedule. This weekend we're super excited about going down to London for TWO BOUTS IN ONE DAY *cheers* as the LRG teams battle each other in their Grand Slam event. It'll be so lovely, if a little unusual, to be able to just enjoy the derby without having a million and one other things to worry about and do. (Although personally I'm a little torn. I made my LRG team allegiance during Clockwork Carnage, and want to cheer for the Ultraviolent Femmes, but they're up against Barock City, who were so supportive of BBDD when we travelled to Germany for the New Year's Massacre. Decisions, decisions. Can I cheer for everyone?)

During May we're looking forward to our night of entertaining the punters at our sponsor Subside with our event Cirque du Soul Pain. And then we're due to have some fun, skating and socialising with the London Rockin Rollers. July has the opportunity to celebrate the sport we love so much, and spread the word, at NASS fest and Roll Britannia.

Isn't it funny how roller derby takes over everything once you get involved! Love it! <3 <3 <3


And how could I forget to mention that we're skating with The Fox during Brum's Pride???? The theme is pink and green. I'm hoping this means the pink of roller bruises allied with the green of BB*DD's khakis!


  1. Nicely put. Xxx
    I'll not be hurt if you cheer for Barock too on Saturday, as long as you save a few cheers for us.

  2. Great blog - long live roller derby! (Mouchete, LRG)

  3. Looking at how excited I am now, it'll be hard to stop me just screaming indiscriminately ;-)

    Thanks for reading x

  4. This was a really nice post to read.