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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

You'd Think I'd Get Sick Of It...But I Never Do.

Winning I mean!

On the 28th of March the Blitz Dames did their first intra-league was only a mini demonstration at a skate show but man did we pack some action in those two 10 minute periods!

The Brummy Bombshells Vs The Birmingham Sirens!!!

We went into this thinking 'it's just a bit of fun! We don't want to hurt each other, we have too many bouts coming up!'.....that soon changed!

The Bombshells take an early Jammer KiKi Kasplat, a dab hand Hilda Blizzhard and the force to be reckoned with Helen Fury stack up the points while Victoria Cross, Saintly Sin and the Blitz Dames' newest blocker Kylie Volatile hold back the Sirens' Jammers and pound the blockers!

Half time arrives...Bee Sting is furious! Sleazy Rider is pissed, her first time as Captain will not be a loss! Violet Attack is not used to losing! Bitter Sweet is beaten and battered but raring to go...back to the penalty box *Rolls Eyes*! Talula and Doc are just ready to get back out there and whoop some ass! After a team talk the Sirens are back with a vengence that the Bombshells feel!


Bee Sting starts belting the Bombshells like only Bee Sting can! Newbie Blocker Bitter Sweet shows herself to be a dirty player doing anything to get the other players down (paying the price in the penalty box, 2 majors and 3 minors in 10 minutes) and giving Victoria Cross a knock to remember! Doc takes on the mighty Fury and Talula's giving it all she has to change that score around! While Jammers Sleazy Rider and Violet Attack rack up those points...even with the dirty play from the Bombshells (20 foot Hilda and Fury ;) ) and quickly turn the Sirens' frowns upside down and that score around too!

Final score: Bombshells 47 - Sirens 57!

Bitter Sweet <3

L-R Violet Attack, Bee Sting, Sleazy Rider, Diabolus Rutilus (Doc), Bitter Sweet, Talula Trash.

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  1. Yay! The mini-bout was so much fun! I still grin whenever I think of the 'Logo Wars'! And yes, Bitter, that was a killer block to the inside you got me with ;)