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Saturday, 4 April 2009


Here it is at last, the much anticipated bout write up from the Glasgow Roller Girls:

Glasgow Roller Girls held the rematch against the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames on Sat 21st February in what proved to be a nail biting game. The Blitz Dames only had 10 skaters on their roster with the Irn Bruisers having 4 skaters on their debut and without a star jammer, who is pregnant.

Irn Bruisers
Betty Go Go
Cremola D'Ville
Evil Von Detta
Jaci Dodger
Lucky Hateball
Maddy Hacket
Mistress Malicious
Razor Rockette
Sister Grimm
Skate Edge
Switchblade Sarah
Venus Velocity
Viper Den
Whiskey Galore

Bench Managers:
Zena Phobia
Fox Sake

Brummie Bombshells
Bee Sting
Elle Fire
Gun Bunny
Helen Fury
Kiki Kasplat
Riosin Roulette
Sleazy Rider
Union Jack U Up
Victoria Cross
Violet Attack

Bench Managers:
Saintly Sin

The Referees:
Three Majors
Ballistic Whistle
Brutally Frank
Justine Credible
Reffin Rebel
Rip Lashes

The Announcers
Lil Cheesecake
Big Cat Merv

The first jam of the game had Jaci Dodger up against Roisin Roulette with Jaci getting lead. They both get through to earn 4 points each. GRG 4 BBDD 4

Violet Attack sails through the pack, but picks up a minor for Hands to lose lead jammer status. Bee Sting manages to keep Maddy Hackitt back while Violet comes through the pack again for a Grand Slam. Maddy keeps fighting but just fails to break through before Union jack U Up is sent off for her first time for taking Maddy down with a back block. The jam runs the full length with Violet lapping another twice and she earns her team 15 points, and also has the highest scoring jam of the bout. GRG 4 BBDD 19

Skate Edge makes her debut for GRG on the jammer line alongside Gun Bunny. This time it is Skate Edges turn to sail through the pack untouched to take lead jammer. BBDD fail to break the GRG defence and Skate Edge gets a Grand Slam. GRG 9 BBDD 19

Jaci Dodger dodges her way wonderfully through to get lead status with Roisin Roulette not too far behind. Jaci comes round to get her 4 points with Roisin managing to pick up 2 points before the jam is called. GRG 13 BBDD 21

A knock from Viper Den causes Helen Fury to cut track at the front and she is sent to the box just as Violet Attack gets through the pack. Maddy Hackitt is behind a Bee Sting and Union Jack U Up wall when the GRG pulls the pack back and, although the refs are signalling and shouting that they are out of play, Bee takes Maddy down to earn herself a trip to the box. By this time Violet has come around and caught out the GRG and sneaks through for a Grand Slam. Maddy breaks through but a messy GRG allow Violet through once more before she calls the jam. GRG 13 BBDD 30

BBDD only have 2 blockers on the next jam and Skate Edge easily gets through with Gun Bunny getting sent to the box for track cutting whilst trying to get up the inside line. The BBDD show their defence skills and keep Skate back but it isn’t long before Bee is sent back to the box by Ballistic Whistle for taking Skate Edge down using an elbow. Gun Bunny comes back out the box before Skate decides to call the jam after picking up 3 points. However, an officiating error also gives Gun Bunny 3 points. GRG 16 BBDD 33

For the third time Jaci Dodger and Roisin Roulette are jamming against each other and again for the third time Jaci breaks through first to gain lead jammer with Roisin hot on her heels. And again Jaci gets through to get the 4 points with Roisin picking up 2. GRG 20 BBDD 35

In the next jam Violet Attack took the lead with Maddy Hackit just behind her and Violet managed to pick up 4 points to Maddy’s 1 before calling it off. GRG 21 BBDD 39

Union Jack U Up was sent off again for using an elbow to take Skate Edge down. Gun Bunny takes several knocks and eventually a take out from Sister Grimm winds her and she doesn’t get back up. Skate Edge had gained 3 points as the Referees stop the jam and the medics attend to Gun Bunny. GRG 24 BBDD 39

Jaci Dodger is on the line this time with Violet Attack and yet again takes lead jammer with a nippy dodge up the inside line on one foot, however Violet is not far behind. Helen Fury takes Jaci down as she gets to the front on the scoring pass causing her to call the jam but not before Violet has got through. GRG 26 BBDD 43

Union Jack U Up takes her first turn of jamming up against Maddy Hackitt and both are held back by great defensive play. Union is the one who makes it through and laps around to find Maddy still to break the pack. Union takes Maddy down on her way past with an elbow which gets her sent to the box before scoring. The jam goes the full 2 minutes without any scoring. GRG 26 BBDD 43

BBDD jammer starts in the box but Sleazy Rider manages to keep Skate Edge back long enough for Union Jack U Up to come out and break through not far behind Skate and knocks her down on her way past to cause Skate to call the jam off. GRG 26 BBDD 43

Next Jaci Dodger shows her dodging skills by taking lead jammer over Violet Attack with Jaci taking 4 points to Violet's 3, with Lucky Hateball going to the box for back blocking. GRG 30 BBDD 46

Gun Bunny gets sent to the box during her first pass through the pack for her 4th Minor, leaving Skate Edge to battle through and earn 5 points before Gun gets back out the box. GRG 35 BBDD 46

This time Violet gets through the pack first but doesn’t get the lead, leaving Jaci Dodger battling to get past the BBDD defence. Union Jack U Up gets sent to the box for using an elbow to take Jaci down. When Jaci gets through she is declared lead jammer and calls the jam off just as Violet manages to pick up a point. GRG 35 BBDD 47

After picking up her 4th Major penalty Union Jack U Up is ejected from the rest of the period and is sent to the locker rooms and Roisin Roulette serves the rest of her time in the penalty box.

Mistress Malicious is on the jammer line for the first time up against Gun Bunny and manages to sail through the pack with a hip whip on Sister Grimm. Mistress picks up a Grand Slam whilst Gun is kept back by a strong GRG defence. Viper Den earns a trip to the box for using an elbow. Mistress takes another pass through the pack and calls the jam after earning 9 points. Half time score GRG 44 BBDD 47

The second period starts with Viper Den in the box and Mistress Malicious and Gun Bunny on the jammer line. Gun Bunny gets lead jammer but a helping push through from Helen Fury results in her falling and the pack passing her again. So Gun decides the call the Jam. GRG 44 BBDD 47

Next both Jaci Dodger and Violet Attack battle through the pack again, with Violet getting knocked down hard by Evel Von Detta but recovers very quickly to get lead jammer with Jaci immediately behind. As they reach the pack Violet gets knocked out of bounds by Cremola D’Ville and calls the jam just as Jaci sails through to the front. GRG 48 BBDD 49

Helen Fury’s hard shoulder keeps Skate Edge back a couple of times and Gun Bunny is helped through to get lead jammer but is closely followed by Skate who overtakes her on the way back to the pack so Gun Bunny calls the jam. A referee’s time out results in Maddy Hackit being sent to the box for track cutting. GRG 48 BBDD 49

Whiskey Galore falls in front of Union Jack U Up, tripping her up and gets Whiskey sent straight to the box. Union gets lead jammer with Mistress Malicious coming through the pack just behind. Viper Den knocks Union to the inside track but Union skates straight back in to the pack to earn herself a Major. The 2 GRG blockers help Mistress get through to earn a Grand Slam and Maddy Hackit coming out the box also helps her get the second one. Bee Sting comes out the box to rejoin the pack and takes Mistress down on her 3rd pass through but later Bee earns herself another major penalty for tripping. The 2 minutes is up and Mistress gets 13 points taking GRG into the lead for the first time. GRG 61 BBDD 49

Jaci Dodger starts jamming unopposed as GRG hold back the pack and Helen Fury earns a trip to the box for blocking out of play. Union Jack U Up comes out the box catching the GRG unaware and sails through to catch up and pass Jaci who calls the jam but not before Union gains a point. GRG 61 BBDD 50

Both Mistress and Violet are battling for several laps to break the pack and it's Violet who makes it first with Mistress just behind. Mistress is getting through the pack first when Maddy Hackitt’s toe stop comes off and trips her up leaving Violet to call the jam when she gets to the front. Both jammers get 3 points for their teams GRG 64 BBDD 53

Jaci Dodger knocks Gun Bunny down on the whistle and easily sails through the pack to get the lead. Cremola D’Ville gets sent to the box for taking Gun down with a back block and just as Gun has got up Jaci is coming round to lap her and takes Gun down heavily again. Gun doesn’t get up and Jaci earns a point before the jam is stopped by the Referees. Medics attend to a very brave and battered Gun Bunny who sits out the rest of the game. GRG 65 BBDD 53

Union Jack U Up gains lead with Skate Edge being taken down and kept back by Bee Sting. Union earns a Grand Slam before Skate manages to break the pack and Union gets through again to earn 9 points before calling the jam. GRG 65 BBDD 62

Mistress Malicious gets through on the inside to gain the lead with Violet Attack earning a trip to the penalty box. A pile up with Sister Grimm and Switchblade Sarah leaves Switchblade Sarah injured on the track and Mistress has earned 3 points when the Referees stop the jam. The medics attend to Switchblade Sarah and she is instructed to sit out the next 3 jams. GRG 68 BBDD 62

Jaci Dodger looks to be powering through the pack unopposed but an excellent hit to the inside corner by Roisin Roulette causes her to cut track and is sent to the box. However before she is there Violet Attack comes out the box and eventually, after getting past Sister Grimm, who is sent to the box for blocking out of play, gets through to immediately call the jam. GRG 68 BBDD 62

GRG start with 2 blockers and jammer in the box. Viper Den and Whiskey Galore wall up at the back to try to hold back Union Jack U Up but she gets through to score 9 points taking BBDD back into the lead. GRG 68 BBDD 71

Violet Attack gets sent to the box for bringing down Razor Rockette on her first pass through the pack leaving Maddy Hackit to battle through to earn her 5 points just as Violet is coming back on track. GRG are back in the lead again. GRG 73 BBDD 71

Sister Grimm takes down Union Jack U Up and Mistress Malicious manages to break through and she earns her team 4 points but delays in calling the jam which allows Union to pick up 1 point. GRG 77 BBDD 72

Next jam Violet Attack gains lead jammer but Jaci Dodger is taken down at the front by Helen Fury and doesn’t get back up again. The Jam is called whilst the medics attend to Jaci and she is helped from the track and has to sit out the rest of the game. GRG 77 BBDD 72

Betty GoGo takes a turn jamming for GRG but it is Violet Attack who picks up a Grand Slam before Betty breaks the pack. Violet comes round again and picks up another 2 points before taking a big hit from Evel Von Detta and calls it off. Evel is sent off to the box for Skating Clockwise to Block. BBDD reclaims the lead. GRG 77 BBDD 79

Next is the most controversial jam of the game. Union Jack U Up takes the lead in front of Mistress Malicious, with Helen Fury and Sleazy Rider both getting sent off for blocking out of bounds. Union laps to pick up 3 points on her scoring pass, gaining a minor for Cutting Track, but this time Union delays in calling the Jam which allows Mistress to follow her through the pack. However, an error means that the 4 points that Mistress gained is not reflected in the score and the BBDD lead is extended further. GRG 77 BBDD 82

Violet Attack gets held back by a GRG wall at the front and it’s Maddy Hackit who gains lead. Violet Attack gets sent to the box for taking Betty GoGo down with an Elbow, and then immediately picks up another for an Illegal Procedure when she takes out her gum shield on the track to shout at the Referee. Maddy manages to pick up 3 points before she too is sent to the box for Cutting Track resulting in a jammerless jam. GRG 80 BBDD 82

Skate Edge and Union Jack U Up take the star panties from the jammers in the box and the teams line up again but then Violet Attack is ejected from the game for picking up her 4th Major in the period. This means Union has to sit out Violets remaining time in the box and Skate Edge jams unopposed. Both teams know that this is the deciding jam in such a very closely matched game and both give it their all. Skate finds it hard to get through and it taken down several times. Union comes out the box and catches the GRG unaware and picks up a point before the jam goes the full 2 minutes. Final Score GRG 80 BBDD 83

The Glasgow Roller Girls would like to thank the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames for yet another hard fought and eventful match, and, as always, a big Thank You to all the officials and bout staff.

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